Iphone 5S and 5C! That’s what we call brand loyalty

So tonight, iPhone 5S and 5C would be officially on sale in the UK. People have been “checking in” on facebook saying they are waiting on Regents Street, waiting for the special moment (for those who care). I’m not really fanatic about iphone and Apples’ stuffs in general. Yes, I admit, they are very unique in terms of operating system, new ideas and technologies… But to be fair, I was quite fed up with seeing almost everyone on the street with the same phone as me. (I had an iPhone 4 until 3 weeks ago by the way!). I switched to HTC One, got the red one from phone4u – unique colour and to be honest, I hardly see anyone with the same phone and the phone itself is superior…! Taking photos with HTC One is amazing, much better than the iPhone. So that’s my personal reason for not queuing outside Apple’s store tonight. But other people in the world, the Apple fans are still willing to go through all the hassles just to be the first ones getting hold of the iPhone 5S. If there’s an award for brand loyalty, I think Apple should reward the Japanese people.

Few days ago, as Typhoon Man-Yi hit Japan, hundreds of thousands had to evacuate their homes as winds of 160 kilometres per hour caused havoc. Certainly not a time to be outside, unless you are waiting in line for a new iphone. Heading to shelter might seem like a good idea, but the cost is losing your place in the line! Fortunately, Apple Store employees came to the rescue and allowed those waiting in line to come into the store to wait in line until the worst of the weather had passed.

It seems to me Apple fans around the world just can’t wait to hand over their cash!


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