First week …

So, I guess everyone has been settling down well. The first fresher week has gone by and even though i’m no longer considered being a fresher I can still feel the whole anticipation, excitement and maybe even some frustration here and there.

Hat’s down to the freshers’ fair’s organisers. Wonderful 2-day experiences. Just like all the years before, a lot of efforts and hard works have been put towards making sure everyone, not just freshers, have a wonderful time getting to know the university. And I believe this is the first time I see the white tent outside for freshers’fair. I saw it during the careers’ fair but this must be a first for freshers’ event. I think it’s a wonderful idea because there are simply more societies, clubs and events than the Percy Gee Building can hold. So… huge applause!!!

Thus now, when I mention frustration I mean frustration towards the department. I’m very unsure if this happens to the first and second year too, but for third year, we had a week of second guessing the timetable. It takes the department way too long to figure out when and where we should study. This is not the first time this madness happens. Most of the timetables I got over 3 years are delivered after a long wait and changes. It has always puzzled me that why can’t it be sorted out during the summer. There are 3 months of sorting out rooms and time for the course. I mean, all module registrations are done in June, the buildings and rooms are not going anywhere and the professors are mainly the same as previous year. So why can’t the department administration has to leave the whole timetable scheduling to the very last minute to deal with?

Some people, like myself have a part-time job and it’s very difficult to organise our working time to fit around the university schedule when there’s no schedule at all. And it’s even harder to keep delaying your employers and telling them that you don’t have a timetable when the university semester obviously has already started. I couldn’t believe in it myself.

But then again, this does not only happen to our department. I think American Studies department has the same problem.

So what’s your thought on the first week?




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One response to “First week …”

  1. Alexandra Mazzuoccolo

    Dear Alisa,

    First of all, on behalf of the Department of Economics let me sincerely apologise to you for the problems that you have been experiencing with the timetabling situation. I have looked into this for you and I have been informed that there has been a combination of factors which contributed to the delay in the timetable being published.

    The first of which is, the department has over 250 students studying economics in each of the three undergraduate years. Given that there are only a limited number of lecture theatres available in the university to hold large class sizes it is extremely problematic to secure them for our students as we are also competing with other departments for the same lecture theatres.

    Secondly, because we offer several joint degree programmes, sometimes these joint departments have to reschedule their own events which can then cause clashes with our single degree events and then these have to be rearranged.

    Additionally, following student feedback, we reintroduced two modules and deleted one other due to staffing changes. However this took place after the initial rooming exercise, and so caused significant issues such as some students being stuck with 8 hours of lectures in one day. As a result the whole timetable needed to be rearranged again.

    Clearly however, this is a situation which needs improving and it is not satisfactory so the department has taken the following steps to try and improve the situation for semester 2.

    • We have recruited new additional staff in August to help with the timetabling process and as they get more experienced with the procedures it should help improve things.
    • Our Teaching Quality Manager will be working with the joint degree departments to try and resolve clashes as soon as possible and check timetable publication updates.
    • The department intends to have the semester 2 timetable published before Christmas, in order for students to familiarise themselves with their schedule before teaching starts at the end of January.

    I hope this information has been helpful although I know it may not be much consolation to you. However, we do take our students comments seriously so let me also assure you that we are always striving to improve things for our students but sometimes it is a slow process and or external influences get in the way.

    Once again on behalf of the Department of Economics I apologise for the difficulties that timetabling has caused you, especially with your part-time job and I sincerely hope that these problems will not occur again for semester two.

    Kind regards


    Deputy Head of Administration and Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing Manager Economics Department

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