Festival of Careers… What a week!

You might not have known this but I am part of the Student Engagement Team working at the Career Development Service, and the past week has been one hectic week for all of us. FESTIVAL OF CAREERS.




For prospectus students, this is a brief description of the festival:

“The Festival of Careers is one of the biggest graduate recruitment events in the country.

Aimed exclusively at students and graduates from the University of Leicester, this is your chance to find out more about Graduate Jobs12 Month Placements and Internships. And not just what the different options are either. In most cases you can already do that using recruiters’ websites. But what employers look for beyond your degree; what skills and experience you should focus on developing to make sure you stand out during the recruitment process.

The Festival will also help you learn more about other opportunities like:

  • Postgraduate Education; the options you have and what you need to consider if you’re planning to apply.
  • Volunteering; exciting projects you can get involved in that will help you make the most of your time during university.
  • Travelling and Work Abroad; whether it’s volunteering projects abroad, internships, or just seeing the world, there are a host of providers at the Festival that can help you

To help you concentrate on the areas you are most interested in, the Festival is split into four themed days: Law and Legal Sectors; Business, Finance and Retail; Engineering, Science and IT; Volunteering, Government and Public Sector”

Throughout my three years at the university, I have to admit, this was probably the best and most organised Festival of Careers. Do you know that nearly 4000 of you guys actually went to the Prep Session? During my shift on Monday, we wristband-ed nearly 200 students almost every 30 minutes. That was so crazy right? But it was all worth it. We got so many good responses from you all about the festival. And you know what, we will improve and the next Careers’ fair would definitely be even better and more amazing! I mean, I didn’t even know that there were people from MI5 at the fair to recruit as well (if you’re interested in becoming another James Bond! )

If you have been reading my blogs, you should also know that I work for PwC as an ambassador. That was why you might have seen me in my Red Hoody on Wednesday, talking to students at the Career Fair. I’m so glad that so many students are interested in the firm; so it was all worth it that i almost lost my voice talking for 4 straight hours. Another good news PwC related, PwC will replace KPMG as the official sponsor for Economics society starting this year. The contract is there to be signed next week so a big applause for people from Economic society. This would mean more events from PwC at our university such as skill sessions, mock tests… And the VERY FIRST residency day at our Careers’ hub on 2oth November. All students will be available to book an 1-2-1 appointment with a person from PwC to ask any question regarding the application process and also about the firm. So BOOK NOW on the Mycareer website or at the Hub!


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