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In the US, we all know of Black Friday, the extraordinary pre-Xmas shopping spree same week as Thanksgiving. It has been the traditional way in America for people to queue the whole night and wait for the shops to open. And this year, we bring it over to Britain… Although, things might not be as …expected!
The start of it all was Asda stores. Walmart-owned supermarket throughout the UK brought the US tradition to Britain. In Leicester, we have a huge Asda very close to the Oadby student village as well. What we didn’t expect was customers scrambled and pushed to snatch cut-price electrical goods after queueing for several hours outside Asda stores around the country. A woman was even reportedly taken to hospital in the morning after being assaulted in a queue outside an Asda store. A man was arrested in Bristol after another fracas. Asda said it had tried to ensure safety by putting security guards in all its stores. Asda claimed that they planned for high demand and the half a million Black Friday products on offer to our customers had been selling quickly since 8am.
In my opinion, it was too chaotic. I imagined it was jam-packed with screaming and shouting all around. In a sense, it was disgusting and horrific.
When i chose Britain over America to study abroad, in my mind, this kind of thing was the reason that makes me love England and want to spend my education here. I love the beautiful countryside, the noisy and yet quiet city like London. And people all know how polite and nice British people are. I mean people do joke about how polite British people are. In a restaurant, you will have to say thank you when you get the menu, thank you when you place the order, thank you when get your dishes, thank you when the waiter takes away the plates and even thank you when you pay! You’ll have to say “excuse me” if you want to pass someone and “I’m sorry” if you accidentally touch someone.
It’s way of politeness in the UK that I adore and amazingly adopt now.
That’s why i am against the chaos like Black Friday in Asda.
That’s just my opinion. What about yours?

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