Things to do after exams

If you are wondering what to do after the January exams is over. I have some awesome suggestions for you.
1, Sleep in… A lot of sleep in!
2, Have a party with friends … This is of course one of the favourite ideas. I mean the student union is definitely planning some big night outs for us at the O2 once the exam is over. And even in other clubs in town, I bet the festive mood is slowly crawling back!
3, Check out some events around the area. It could be musicals, plays or concerts. Anything that can get you to relax and enjoy your time as a free student!
4, Catch up on movies/ Tv series/ books. This is definitely what I’m going to do. I have 3 books sitting there waiting for me to finish and half a dozen of TV series to indulge in (top of the list is Sherlock by the way).
5, Clean you room? I don’t know about you but my room during the exam period is a mess. It’s seriously in a state where only I could barely figure out where things are. Papers, notes are all over the floor. And snacks are stock up in the room, especially for this hardest time of year.
6, Pamper yourself. We all deserve it! Shopping therapy, beauty treatment or just some relaxing spa sessions. I do need a shopping spree to be honest.
7, Plan a trip somewhere maybe? Lots of us are missing the snow here in the UK, so may be a ski trip is not a bad idea to celebrate. Austria or Italy or France, up to you to choose.
8, Lastly, go and see your family. Actually, this is my first thing to do. My exam finishes on the 23rd and I’m on my flight back home that very evening. So yes, I’m going to have good food, be taken care of and celebrate the Lunar New Year with my family before coming back here for the last semester of my student life. It’s kind of depressing in a way, knowing that I will soon become just another worker, I will no longer have the freedom that students have.

Anyhow, hope that you are studying well and that you could probably find some time to post what is your plan to celebrate when exam is over.

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