If you are a sweet tooth, Leicester is a place for you…

Studying at Leicester University for the third year, I’ve just realised how many dessert places around the city. I’m talking about the really tasty, well-decorated and even affordable ones. For you prospective students, here is a list of my favourites.
First and foremost, the used-to-be champion, Madison’s. The reason behind its crowning is the fact that it’s close to both university and where I live. I’ve treated myself with several Belgium Waffles and gelatos there. There are mixed reviews regarding the services there. Some say it has excellent customer services while some feel disappointed over its quality. My experience with Madison’s is quite unchanged. Their services are not very fast, and I think it’s more of a student-run restaurant. On the basement floor, there are rooms for group meetings and such, but if you stay downstairs, the food does come slower than usual. And because there’s not usually any staff on this floor, if you need anything, you might have to walk upstairs to find them. You have to order at the counter, which I find very annoying if I want to order anything extra. The price is very decent, around 4-5 quids and you got yourself a place of waffle with ice cream or a glass of good gelato. The music here is generally quite “old”. You usually end up listening to some random 80’s, 90’s songs. Why is it a “used-to-be” champion, you ask? It’s because of the new player in town.
Another one that I usually go to is Tinsel Town. I guess you don’t need anymore comments about this place. It’s an American diner with regular American food: chips, burgers, steaks… and some amazing desserts. So if you plan for a dine out night, Tinsel Town might be a good choice. You can enjoy some great desserts after a wonderful dinner.
And my new love is none other than Heavenly Desserts. You must have heard of this place. It’s located very close to Madison’s and if you go there on a weekend night, expect to queue for at least 30 minutes. So I would say, if you just want to try out, test the place, go on a weekday, you have more chance of getting a table before you all get tired and hungry. A dish recommended by all when you first visit this place is the “I’ll have what she’s having”: a plate with 3-4 pieces of waffles (I can’t really remember how many), 2 scoops of ice cream with fresh strawberries. For me, I don’t need any dinner to fill my stomach if I have Heavenly Desserts that night. So for big eater, trust me, you’ll be satisfied. This place is a bit more expensive than Madison’s but I would say Value for Money. Around £7 and you have a big plate of waffles and it’s so worth it!

There are a few other desserts places around Leicester, some small local shops. But the above three are the best ones in my point of view. Try some when you get to Leicester!

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