Where I want to dine out in Leicester!

So it’s nearly the end of Easter break and we are all in that chaotic mess trying to start our revision. My friends and I have been trying to find a break for a night out! And yes as usual students like us will choose places such as Nando’s, Pizza Express…but hold your horses, because Leicester has more to often than just those restaurants.
1, Tinsel Town: Leicester is one of a few cities that has Tinsel Town. And as I mentioned in my previous post, it has wonderful desserts, now I have to praise it for its food as well. I enjoy the steak there with the special mushroom creamy sauce. Or you can always go with the safe choice of chicken wings! All yummy and the setting is perfect for students’ gathering.

2, Taste of China: This is my favourite Chinese dining place. I should mention that the food here is more Hong Kong style than mainland China style. The portion is big and it’s not expensive considering. You get a dessert and a huge main just under 10 quid. I always come here for the baked rice. Never had it before in my life until I tried it at this restaurant. And according to my Chinese friend, the food here is very authentic. So, if you are looking for a Chinese meal-full, look no further!

3, Shanghai Moon: An alternative for Chinese food. If you come here try all the dim sum. They also have very popular selection of other dishes as well. The price is a bit steeper than other places but i guess it’s worth it if you are only going to have it once a while. 

4, The last plantagenet: This is a typical English pub (I think!). They have special deals here everyday. From steak night every tuesday for only about 6 quid to a very British Friday of fish and chips, this place has it all. Great price and great place for gathering as well. Highly recommended!

5, Little Tokyo: For those of you who think Yo! sushi is cheap and Wagamama sells Japanese food, please read this. Firstly, eating at Yo! Sushi often costs more than it appears. You think you only take a few purple plates, but it still costs you way over 10 pounds and to be fair, purple dishes are not the good ones not to mention the fact that they fail to fill your stomach. Wagamama, yes, they use Japanese ingredients but they also use Chinese and Thai ones so no, the food there is not authentic at all. I would say it’s a British version of Japanese food. So if you are looking for a Japanese taste, check out Little Tokyo. Great food and drinks! I always order the bento (kind of like a lunch box). Trust me, it’s worth the price.Oh, and they do do takeaways.

There are other fine dining places around Leicester. And i know that Leicester is famous for its curry but i’m never really a curry fan anyways.  So those are the ones I would definitely want to try when living here! Have a great night out!

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