News for the first week of May

1, If you are or were or have always been a fan of Take That (like myself) yet care about justice and fairness… You might not want to know about this. 
Apparently, three members of the band including my favourite Gary Barlow may have to pay millions of pounds in tax after dodging them for years. In fact, HMRC has noted that they are just 3 out of 1000 of others who put money into government schemes that were designed to support the creative arts. Tribunal judge ruled that the limited company partnerships between the three and their manager were set up for tax avoidance only. If they don’t appeal, they are to pay millions as a result. In a sense, i think it’s not enough. Just paying back the money won’t be effective, they will not learn from it and others won’t see it as a lesson learnt. Just like the case of a rich businessman dodging rail fare for years that was on the news a few weeks ago. He only had to pay back and no other punishment was done. While we are all paying taxes and moaning about the increasing rail fares, they got away with it pretty easily. Someone should definitely do somethings about this.
2, A more exciting news for Apple fans. But maybe not for me. The company is negotiating with Dr.Dre to buy the franchise. We all know about Dr.Dre, and I love their products. I’m just not talking about the styles of the head/earphones but i’m talking about their qualities too. No one can deny the success of the brand. My phone now is the HTC One and it has Beat built in, it came with a Dr Dre earphones. It is amazing for music lovers like me. So if the deal goes through, we can expect future iphones with Beats built in and all but then that is going to cost us more than usual. If you think about it, Apple is now already charging a premium price for the brand itself everytime you buy an iphone, imagine what they will make you pay if the music quality is of Beats. You can figure out by now i’m not an iphone brand. I used iphone for a while and hate it. One of the reasons is that you can only connect your phone to one laptop; in other words, if you are in an emergency and need to connect your phone to a laptop but “forget” to bring your own, there’s no way around it. You also have to connect your phone to “your” itunes, if you ever want to update your music. With my HTC right now, i can download the music and store it on my phone whenever i want, without thinking ” I wish i brought my laptop with me”. So all in all, i’m not happy with this news and pray that it will never go through.

The next few weeks i’m going to be buried deep in exams and revisions. Please forgive me if i can’t update my blogs regularly. Good luck everyone with their exams!

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