Things that I would miss about being a student

So the end of May is drawing near. I have less than 2 weeks until my exams are over, which only means I’m finished with university. As wonderful as it may sound, it is scary at the same time. So while I’m procrastinating over my revision, a list of things I would not want to give up when I’m no longer a student was created.
1, Guess what: Discounts. Students like us always have discounts. 10%, 15% or 20%. We can enjoy the student discounts even when there’s no sale on. Honestly, Unidays websites have always been a best friend of mine through these past three years.
2, Wearing whatever just to be able to say “I attended the class.” I usually just got up about 30 -45 minutes before class/lecture/tutorial/seminar, and found the most simple things to put on: jeans and T-shirt; in the winter it was jeans and hoodies. But when you go to work, you have to dress nicely. That means less time to lie in.
3, If you are complaining about your campus: how it does not have nicer buildings or not have lifts or the classroom is still too small… think again. At work, you have a cubicle (if you are lucky enough to have one).
4, Friends: One of the scariest things when moving to a new place. Will I get along with the people there? Sometimes I think I’m still too childish to stand next to those professionals, how am I supposed to start a conversation with them? And then, when you are located in a department, all the people there have known each other and made friends with each other long before you appear, how do you even start blending in?
5, Nap time: I like nap time. It makes me more productive after I wake up. And of course, it helps if you are planning for a night out later on. At work, there’s no nap time: 9-5 if you are lucky. According to my seniors at work, it’s lucky if you can get home before 6pm.
6, The most terrifying thing: NO VACATION. At my future job, I have 25 days off (excluding any official holidays such as X’mas, Easter, New Year and Bank holiday). 25 days are not enough to enjoy your summer on the beach. As a student, you are entitled two at least 3 months summer vacation, 3-4 weeks of Christmas holiday and about a month of Easter Break. That means around 5 months of holiday for students. This number reduces to 25 days when you start working. I’m already horrified and stressed thinking about this.

So my advice: Enjoy it while you can. Being students is the best thing that ever happens in your life. I know I wished to be a grown-up, to start earning and supporting myself, but I’m 100% certain that I’m regretting wishing it now.

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