A Harvard graduate could make the cosmetic giants out of business? I think not.

Whether you have heard of this news or not but it has been quite a buzz over the last month or so. 
A Harvard graduate created a cosmetic printed “Mink” which can, literally print out any colour/shade of cosmetics you see on any photo or website. The basic idea behind this printer is that you use photoshop to choose the eyeshadow shade that you like in a photo, then plug in this Mink and click print. The printer will produce some sorts of powder-like materials and all you have to so is to put them into a compressed container for eyeshadow you often own. And that’s it.

I think this is a brilliant idea if works, it will be the greatest invention of the cosmetics, fashion and beauty world. I don’t mean “if works” as in the technology behind it but rather the economic sides to it.
The truth is, do you really need a printer in your home just for the purpose of printing some shades of lipsticks once in a while? My place is not that big and the thought having a printer occupying more space in the room puts me off. 
And not just that, if you think about it, the idea of making the cosmetics cheaper fails with this Mink. I can guarantee that the printer will not be sold for a bargain. Let us not forget the price of the colour that we use to print off the shades, the equipments to go with it and even the compressed container. In my point of view, with the money that we pay for all of those, we can get hundreds of eyeshadow shades from the shop. 
It’s worth to point out that I’m terrible with photoshop. Just the idea of using it scares me. To be honest, I’m also worried about the safety of those powders that we “print” off. And to be fair, we all love shopping every now and then. It’s a hobby and a fun thing to do. Why would you take that away by locking yourself in your room and silently printing a tons of cosmetic colours?

Overall, i think the above points make it clear why the cosmetic giants do not budge at all at this new invention. It’s a great idea but it’s clearly not practical and applicable. Still, well done to the inventor of Mink. You have given us a glimpse of the future that beauty world is heading towards. 

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