What I wish I had done at university

So as my university life came to an end, I realise what I truly miss out at university. I mean I had a part-time job, plenty of friends and coursemates, some nights out and other extra-curricular activities… But what I should have done was to study abroad. 
University of Leicester offer several study abroad programs. You can choose the Eramus program, which gives you the chance to study one or two semesters in another European countries. Or if you want to try out a much more different culture, choose another country such as Japan, Australia, America, Canada, China… 
For me, studying in the UK is already studying abroad, so I was very hesistant. 
Only in my year two that i realised the university has a summer exchange program to either Japan, Korea, China or Taiwan. For the first year students, this program could be funded by applying for a scholarship. This was what I should have done. 
If you want another opportunity, British Council offers volunteer and work chances in for the summer in China and Thailand.
The university gives a lot of helps and supports to students from the document preparation process to the time that you spend abroad. 
I know a friend who spent a year in Canada. Others signed up to teach English in China and Thailand over the summer under the British Council scheme. 
So if you are not a final year student then it’s not too late to choose this opportunity to widen your experience. 

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Alisa graduated in the Summer of 2014 and is no longer blogging for this site. Alisa, a student from Vietnam, blogged about her third year of BSc Financial Economics and her time as a Course Representative.

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2 responses to “What I wish I had done at university”

  1. James Harlan

    Hello Alisa,

    It’s good to know your realizations. In some way, you’re guiding and inspiring other students to do the right things. I salute you for having the courage to share the things that you wish you’ve done at university.


  2. Darrell James

    Nice article, I can tell you from personal experience 20 years on from graduating from Leicester that you need to study hard but remember to enjoy the journey. Your time at Leicester will fly by and you may wish you had stopped and looked around once in a while.

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