And this is my very last post

A year has gone by so fast and before I know it, it’s time for my final post, final words to my blog readers.

But before saying the actual farewell word I would like to leave you guys with some advices, some notes from myself and from my experience at university of Leicester. 

* We often waste too much time
As a student, some of you might have quite a lot of time to just chill, relax, lie in or just hang around with friends. Maybe, just for few times a week, you actually get up and do something different. If you want some quiet but quality time, find yourself a seat in a quiet coffee shop, or in the park and actually finish the book that has been on your want-to-read list for ages. If you have the finance for it, go travel. If you need more money, get a job. Or if you just need something to do, volunteer. Leicester has many charity shops and I notice they always seem to be looking for people to help out. 
So go out and do something different!

* Don’t be afraid 
It is scary trying out new things. I can honestly admit to you that i’m a very reserved and shy person. When I was back in Vietnam, I could only talk to people I knew well beforehand and that made my mother very angry. When we went to a family gathering with distant relatives, I chose to sit by myself and only chat with my grandparents and my brother because my defence was “I don’t know the others”. Things started to change when I moved to the UK 5 years ago. But I think the biggest change of my life was the internship last summer. I remember the other interns and I were at the pub after work on the first day, standing and chatting. I spotted the colleagues from my office, I actually had to hold my breath, calmed my nerve and then actually left the intern group I was very comfortable with and joined my office colleagues. It was scary but I did it. And now I’m still in contact with most of them. 
So what i’m trying to say is new things, new people are terrifying but you just have to take that very first step and then everything will be great. I can promise that it is totally worth it.

So now it’s time to say goodbye. I hope I’ve kept you entertained on this journey. If there are any takeaways that I hope I can depart with, it’s that maybe, just maybe, this blog helped you realise how you could get the best out of your three years at University. And maybe some relevant news along way.

Take care and thanks for everything!

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Alisa graduated in the Summer of 2014 and is no longer blogging for this site. Alisa, a student from Vietnam, blogged about her third year of BSc Financial Economics and her time as a Course Representative.

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