End of year

The end of the year has come and gone and the euphoria that came with it. In between this post and the last, exams have come and gone and the results received. They were surprisingly quite good. I have since left Leicester, begrudgingly I must say. One of my professors, Dr Panicos Demetriades has gone […]

Exams basics

I have been in the zone this past couple of weeks. I am actually finding this revision thing quite enjoyable. Everyone likes to whinge just about anything and right now exams and coursework are the flavours of choice. Even someone with only like two exams you find them moaning about it. That’s just how students […]

It’s time for all-nighters

It’s exam time again! It just sneaks on you and odds are no one is ever that prepared for it. Now that the exams period is upon us, cue the scramble for forgotten textbooks, module outlines, near blank notebooks and caffeine. This is not new, only in January I was all over the place trying […]

Double Dip Dave

I can fairly assume the general population is fed up of all the economic doom and gloom constantly churned out by the relentless machine that is 24 hour news. One can hardly go a day without hear the words ‘Eurozone’ and ‘crisis’ at least fourteen times, relentless. Six months back everyone on the news had […]

F1, Sheikhs and shillings

The whole tenet of economics is virtually pinned on the notion of scarcity, it has never been more apparent than it is now. Consider oil, a dust bowl in some far flung part of the world finds oil and all of a sudden it is a mega rich nation with immense power and influence. The […]


When I started volunteering I had no idea what I really wanted to do but now I find myself working with LEBC more often. LEBC is an educational charity that aims to give children an insight into business and the working life through various workshops. My most recent workshop was a forensic science workshop working […]



I have been enjoying myself with mixed hockey so far this year. It has to be the best decision I have made this year. It is remarkable how a few months ago I was nervous meeting new people but now it is like I have been part of this club for a few years. I […]

No frills indeed

No frills indeed

It is that time of the year when you start thinking about an Easter break abroad. Almost everyone has a horror story that features one of the notorious budget airlines. They always have a penchant of sneaking a hidden fee here another there and that horrendous fine for not printing your boarding pass that could […]

Greek tragedy

In these days of 24 hour news, one can be forgiven for not caring at all about what is happening elsewhere.  It all becomes tedious at some point. We are constantly bombarded with breaking news and occasionally some obscure academic is trotted into the studio where he delivers some vague logic about what he thinks […]

Reluctant early bird

I have just finished my first week of a full timetable and I am just as bleary eyed as if its exam time.   A timetable with a nine o’clock start every day is just not pleasant.  It’s ironic how as I get closer to the part of my life where I am actually expected to […]

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