World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum started this week, in Davos high up in the Swiss Alps. The meeting is an annual gathering of the world’s richest and most powerful people, the 1%ers. Among them you find the politicians, government ministers, academics and business leaders from all over the world. This event comes […]

Getting the most out of a UCAS visit day

It’s a great feeling when you get an offer for a place at university and once the offer comes in choosing where to go is a nice headache to have. Open days are in most cases a daunting task, the early morning start and a potentially very long drive dampens the mood. I remember when […]

Once again exams are coming!

Once again exams are coming!

I always wondered why we have exams in January, immediately after the festivities. A few days into the New Year and the thought of exams has just erased whatever jolly mood I had left from all the Christmas indulgence. One moment I was having loads of fun, and then the next moment I have to […]

Protesting in 2011

Protesting in 2011

As the year draws to an end slowly, it makes for quiet contemplation. With the festivities out of the way I looked back at 2011 and one word characterised what the year was about, protest. All over the world people took to the streets, even social media facebook and twitter became battlegrounds. There were rallying […]

Phew! it’s end of term

The end of term is here and boy it has been a long time coming.  I look forward to the holiday more than I do the packing that precedes it. The last two weeks have been spent in a caffeine induced daze, courtesy of the bane of all students, essays. Our department introduced coursework on […]

Yey free food!

Free food always comes in handy once you are out of halls and have to cook for yourself. I never noticed any events that offered free food last year but this year they seem to be prevalent. It started this year with public speaking society enticing people with Nandos and free pizza. I really meant […]

Hockey fresher’s first outing

Having made the decision to play a different sport this year, I settled for hockey. I am not particularly blessed with any respectable amount of sporting talent so it was kind of daunting. I joined Mixed Hockey and I have enjoyed it up to now, well apart from the bruised shins and scrapped knees! It […]

Current affairs and lectures

Of late the news has been filled with news of the Eurozone debt crisis and protests in Athens are now a permanent fixture. It all seems complicated with a lot of technical jargon been thrown around and everyone seems to be coming out with a different theory to support their views. Well fear not this […]

A bit about me

My name is Keith, a second year student from Leeds, West Yorkshire. I am currently studying Bsc Economics. My course has become more interesting what with the Eurozone growth fears and the Greek debt crisis. Although the outlook is grim at the moment it has been fascinating getting an insight into the dynamics that shape […]

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