And this is my very last post

A year has gone by so fast and before I know it, it’s time for my final post, final words to my blog readers. But before saying the actual farewell word I would like to leave you guys with some advices, some notes from myself and from my experience at university of Leicester.  * We […]

World Cup and the economy

As I’m watching the England vs Uruguay game, a question came to me: Does World Cup affect the economy? World Cup, organised every 4 year by FIFA affects not only the economy of the hosting country but also of the economy of every country that is interest in football.  The event attracts hundreds of millions […]

What I wish I had done at university

So as my university life came to an end, I realise what I truly miss out at university. I mean I had a part-time job, plenty of friends and coursemates, some nights out and other extra-curricular activities… But what I should have done was to study abroad.  University of Leicester offer several study abroad programs. […]

A Harvard graduate could make the cosmetic giants out of business? I think not.

Whether you have heard of this news or not but it has been quite a buzz over the last month or so.  A Harvard graduate created a cosmetic printed “Mink” which can, literally print out any colour/shade of cosmetics you see on any photo or website. The basic idea behind this printer is that you […]

Things that I would miss about being a student

So the end of May is drawing near. I have less than 2 weeks until my exams are over, which only means I’m finished with university. As wonderful as it may sound, it is scary at the same time. So while I’m procrastinating over my revision, a list of things I would not want to […]

News for the first week of May

1, If you are or were or have always been a fan of Take That (like myself) yet care about justice and fairness… You might not want to know about this.  Apparently, three members of the band including my favourite Gary Barlow may have to pay millions of pounds in tax after dodging them for […]

Where I want to dine out in Leicester!

So it’s nearly the end of Easter break and we are all in that chaotic mess trying to start our revision. My friends and I have been trying to find a break for a night out! And yes as usual students like us will choose places such as Nando’s, Pizza Express…but hold your horses, because […]

HMRC and its not-yet-approved plan

The personal financial data of millions of taxpayers could be sold to private firms under laws being drawn up by HM Revenue & Customs. HMRC has not made clear exactly what bits of data it would share and with whom, but it has a wealth of information about people living in Britain. Its director of […]

How to land a part-time job

I just realise that even though I’ve been going on about job search and such before, I have never posted an article about part-time job which seems to me is a more necessary “job” for students. So this post will be all about part-time job hunting. There’s a point during university – typically half way […]

2014 Budget and Students

A few days ago, Chancellor George Osborne delivered his 2014 Budget. And as important as it is for economic students to catch up with news like this, students in general should know at least a few key points that can affect us. Even though the Chancellor George Osborne has promised more apprenticeships for young people […]

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