If you are a sweet tooth, Leicester is a place for you…

Studying at Leicester University for the third year, I’ve just realised how many dessert places around the city. I’m talking about the really tasty, well-decorated and even affordable ones. For you prospective students, here is a list of my favourites. First and foremost, the used-to-be champion, Madison’s. The reason behind its crowning is the fact […]

The rise in minimum wage

Since the beginning of this year, we have heard stories of possible increase in minimum wage. George Osborne even claimed that he thinks the national minimum wage should rise to £7 an hour by October 2015. We truly do not expect such a dramatic increase but good news… it has been confirmed that the National […]

Next year accommodation hunting!

Well, this academic year is coming to an end sooner than you think. So maybe it’s time we talked about housing for the next year. If you are lucky enough to stay put at your current flat/house, then skip this post; if not, here are some tips I think might be of use to you […]

MyStudentRecord Websitr crashes!

This afternoon around 3pm, the MyStudentRecord, the only website that contains student personalised timetable and exam results crashed. No one, even the staffs could log in. This happened right after the announcement that the last semester’s exam results were out and everyone tried to log in at the same time. First time during my 3 […]

It’s time for Econometrics Project – At least for us 3rd year BSc it is!!

Third year students are in panic. Yes, that’s actually a very painful fact! We spent 2.5 years of our university life just knowing courseworks and exams, and now the final 0.5 year is spent on the longest exam ever – DISSERTATION or for the BSc people ECONOMETRICS PROJECT! So in an attempt to help you […]

Things to do after exams

If you are wondering what to do after the January exams is over. I have some awesome suggestions for you. 1, Sleep in… A lot of sleep in! 2, Have a party with friends … This is of course one of the favourite ideas. I mean the student union is definitely planning some big night […]

Inflation rate to hit its target!

Upon the news of a fall of inflation rate to UK’s target of 2% for the first time since the November 2009, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “It’s welcome news that inflation is down and on target. As the economy grows and jobs are created this means more security for hard-working people” There are several […]

And it’s exam time again!

Don’t freak out! (If you are) . Exams can be scary and stressful but i guess if we know how to, we can certainly deal with them lightly! So here are some exam tips i found online and combined them. 1, Triage your courses. A major mistake—that you should avoid—is planning to spend equal time […]

And a very happy new year!

Can’t believe 2014 is coming so fast. What have you planned for the new year’s eve? I presume whatever your plan is, drinking is a vital part. This year I’m spending Xmas with my cousin in London, watching fireworks at London’s eye. To be honest, i never really celebrated new year on 31st of December/1st […]

And it’s the best time of the year… again!

So it’s almost Chirstmas time. We have shopping to do, we have gifts to wrap and we have food ready to be enjoyed! This year I’m off to visit friends in Paris and Germany. I truly can’t wait since Christmas market in Frankfurt is probably the highlight of the trip. So Christmas… what do we […]

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