Where I want to dine out in Leicester!

So it’s nearly the end of Easter break and we are all in that chaotic mess trying to start our revision. My friends and I have been trying to find a break for a night out! And yes as usual students like us will choose places such as Nando’s, Pizza Express…but hold your horses, because […]

If you are a sweet tooth, Leicester is a place for you…

Studying at Leicester University for the third year, I’ve just realised how many dessert places around the city. I’m talking about the really tasty, well-decorated and even affordable ones. For you prospective students, here is a list of my favourites. First and foremost, the used-to-be champion, Madison’s. The reason behind its crowning is the fact […]

American style… We try but…

In the US, we all know of Black Friday, the extraordinary pre-Xmas shopping spree same week as Thanksgiving. It has been the traditional way in America for people to queue the whole night and wait for the shops to open. And this year, we bring it over to Britain… Although, things might not be as […]

A foodie’s guide, Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of my list with suggested restaurants. In case you haven’t read the 1st part click here to read it! •    Salvador Deli. This deli is a lovely place and the best choice for lunch after a morning full of lectures as it’s very close to campus. The paninis/sandwiches […]

A foodie’s guide, Part 1

As a foodie, eating out in restaurants is my passion. Before graduating and my career as a blogger ends, I really wanted to write a guide with some restaurant suggestions for students who are already in Leicester or are planning to come here. Italian food is one of my favourite type of food and so […]

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