MyStudentRecord Websitr crashes!

This afternoon around 3pm, the MyStudentRecord, the only website that contains student personalised timetable and exam results crashed. No one, even the staffs could log in. This happened right after the announcement that the last semester’s exam results were out and everyone tried to log in at the same time. First time during my 3 […]

It’s time for Econometrics Project – At least for us 3rd year BSc it is!!

Third year students are in panic. Yes, that’s actually a very painful fact! We spent 2.5 years of our university life just knowing courseworks and exams, and now the final 0.5 year is spent on the longest exam ever – DISSERTATION or for the BSc people ECONOMETRICS PROJECT! So in an attempt to help you […]

And it’s exam time again!

Don’t freak out! (If you are) . Exams can be scary and stressful but i guess if we know how to, we can certainly deal with them lightly! So here are some exam tips i found online and combined them. 1, Triage your courses. A major mistake—that you should avoid—is planning to spend equal time […]

Exam Mode

Hello! So, exams period is back! Although it’s a bit annoying having to go through it twice a year it also has its benefits especially for the not so organized students. The majority of students is not that prepared for the exams and a walk around the library in May definitely reveals this. This brings […]

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