A Harvard graduate could make the cosmetic giants out of business? I think not.

Whether you have heard of this news or not but it has been quite a buzz over the last month or so.  A Harvard graduate created a cosmetic printed “Mink” which can, literally print out any colour/shade of cosmetics you see on any photo or website. The basic idea behind this printer is that you […]

2014 Budget and Students

A few days ago, Chancellor George Osborne delivered his 2014 Budget. And as important as it is for economic students to catch up with news like this, students in general should know at least a few key points that can affect us. Even though the Chancellor George Osborne has promised more apprenticeships for young people […]

Festival of Careers… What a week!

Festival of Careers… What a week!

You might not have known this but I am part of the Student Engagement Team working at the Career Development Service, and the past week has been one hectic week for all of us. FESTIVAL OF CAREERS.     For prospectus students, this is a brief description of the festival: “The Festival of Careers is one […]

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