Festival of Careers… What a week!

Festival of Careers… What a week!

You might not have known this but I am part of the Student Engagement Team working at the Career Development Service, and the past week has been one hectic week for all of us. FESTIVAL OF CAREERS.     For prospectus students, this is a brief description of the festival: “The Festival of Careers is one […]

An unforgettable experience! – PwC

Let me say it out loud: My highlight of the whole summer was the internship with PwC. I love every bit of it. I miss the office, the colleagues, the interns, the workload … I’m not trying to advertise for PwC or anything, but I’m being blunt to you all. I really want to work […]

PwC Internship… how tough can it be???

Like I promised before, it’s time for some tips and my own experiences on how to get an internship. This is essential to everyone. Don’t think just because you are an A-level student, you don’t have to think about internship, because you should too. There are several firms offering school-leavers opportunities to try out some […]

Getting ready for the job “battlefield”

Hi all, As you all know, I’m already in my third  year, which means I should be looking at graduate job soon. Recently, there’s an article on BBC news website which caught my attention: “Fall in graduate vacancies sees 85 apply for each job” Here’s the link to the article if you want to have […]

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