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What I wish I had done at university

So as my university life came to an end, I realise what I truly miss out at university. I mean I had a part-time job, plenty of friends and coursemates, some nights out and other extra-curricular activities… But what I should have done was to study abroad.  University of Leicester offer several study abroad programs. […]

Festival of Careers… What a week!

Festival of Careers… What a week!

You might not have known this but I am part of the Student Engagement Team working at the Career Development Service, and the past week has been one hectic week for all of us. FESTIVAL OF CAREERS.     For prospectus students, this is a brief description of the festival: “The Festival of Careers is one […]

A guide to international students

After the huge success of my guide for restaurants I thought that it would be a nice idea to present you with another guide. I have noticed that actually I am the only blogger who is an International student and hence my guide aims to give you a general idea of the life of a […]

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