Non-Career Goals for the Next Year

As students in higher education, I think it’s easy to set your goals purely in relation to your education and career and forget about all of the other parts of your life that also have room for improvements. Therefore, I have decided to list a few non-career goals that will help everybody’s lives improve just […]

And this is my very last post

A year has gone by so fast and before I know it, it’s time for my final post, final words to my blog readers. But before saying the actual farewell word I would like to leave you guys with some advices, some notes from myself and from my experience at university of Leicester.  * We […]

Next year accommodation hunting!

Well, this academic year is coming to an end sooner than you think. So maybe it’s time we talked about housing for the next year. If you are lucky enough to stay put at your current flat/house, then skip this post; if not, here are some tips I think might be of use to you […]

Decision Science – Behavioural Economics

This probably is my first post on the psychological side of Economics. I came across this ad in London and kept thinking about it. “If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t ” On July 7th 2005, four bags containing bombs were left on London public transport. They exploded, killing 52 people. Since then, some 250,000 […]

First week …

So, I guess everyone has been settling down well. The first fresher week has gone by and even though i’m no longer considered being a fresher I can still feel the whole anticipation, excitement and maybe even some frustration here and there. Hat’s down to the freshers’ fair’s organisers. Wonderful 2-day experiences. Just like all […]

A quick catch-up and my opinion on Cyprus’s deposit haircut

Hello Readers. Sorry for the long delay between blogs but I’ve been pretty busy those last days. Last week it was the Leicester Showcase where every year all the dance societies perform some of their acts. Our Dance sport Team had a 10min performance to which I took part. This required a lot of practice […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Part 2

We are not the only ones though who are trying hard for a proper celebration of the Women’s day. Oxfam society has decided to transform Women’s day into Women’s week and they are organizing many fun and exciting events in co-operation with Amnesty and Activista. As the president of the Oxfam society is my friend […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Part 1

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Part 1

Women are the foundation of a successful society. Evidently, history has proven that many times. Women like Mother Teresa, Marie Currie and Eleanor Roosevelt have brought a change to the world in their own way and have showed that women can be powerful. Today, in a world where women are still not fully appreciated and […]

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