4 responses to “The ‘real world’”

  1. maria

    dear demi,
    nah… xD.
    1) i wanna meet your cat
    2) i have exactly the same thoughts and concerns as you
    3) leo buscaglia shouldn’t miss from anyone’s library
    4) i know you’re lying and you just made the effort and plug the charger in.

  2. Dimitra

    haha thanks for your comment Maria! I definitely agree with you about Leo Buscaglia 🙂

  3. Andreas

    The thought of going out into ‘the real world’ scares me as well but you are on the right path. Asking questions and looking for answers is what growth is all about.
    You shouldn’t believe in yourself that you’ll be the best english teacher in the world or in Cyprus(which is close,being the center of it and all) because that won’t be the case.
    You should believe in yourself that you are going to BECOME that.
    ‘The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried’.
    So yes you might not be good at what you do at the start but it matters how you are going to finish. That’s all that matters.
    Blessings from me my dear 🙂 haha

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