Formula One, Fitness and Finals

My project report was due in, and successfully found its way there, last Friday. I have become somewhat accustomed to writing reports in my 4th year and being worth 6% of my grade it was rather important. The report focused on characterising an electrodeposited alloy coating by use of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and hardness testing (using whats called a Knoop indenter). I enjoyed the background reading and the various experimental work but it’s always somewhat taxing to write about and discuss results which were largely inconclusive. I relied on drawing comparisons with, and criticising, published literature. I’ll be presenting this work, along with the other group members presenting theirs, in several weeks time and it seems like there’ll be a lot to cram into a relatively short session.

With that all said and done it was time for the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix. I received my F1 essay back with a good grade so this definitely has context. Fair to say the season so far has been an exciting one, with a different winner each race and lots of drama on and off the track. If you haven’t seen it yet go now and watch the highlights on the BBC and skip the rest of this paragraph. I wasn’t overly impressed with McLaren this weekend, not putting enough fuel in Hamilton’s car and still messing up with the pitstops (they are still managing good technical development though). But I was pleased to see Pastor Maldonado win after starting from pole, proof that Williams have returned to fighting form after a number of years. I am also pleased with Raikkonen’s performance, yet to see him smile about it though, I’m expecting a Lotus 1-2 any day now.

My attention is now focused on the final 2 exams of my time at Leicester. It’s an odd feeling being so close to the end, I’ve even had an email outlining the graduation ceremony. I’ll be revising more often over the coming weeks, I like to keep things at a ‘relaxed’ level to avoid stress, and will be paying more visits the the new University Sports Centre to unwind with a swim. Still haven’t put anything in concrete with regards to Summer, I’m excited to see what happens.

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