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Over Christmas I was lucky enough to have the chance to go on the University ski trip to Val Thorens with Leicester University Ski and Snowboard Club. It was amazing.

One of the highlights of going with a club like LUSSC, one of the biggest in the University, is the social side. When I’ve skied with my family I’ve not had to take so much fancy dress I could barely fit my helmet and boots in my bag. We went to VT when I was small enough that wearing fancy dress all the time was totally socially acceptable, but I didn’t spend an entire day skiing in a onesie then…I did this Christmas (surprisingly warm and doesn’t get too soggy from the snow!) and I loved it.

Anyway, this post isn’t just a chance to tell everyone to learn to ski (but you all should, for the record). It’s a quick few lines, mid exams, about how much more there is to university than just the exams that are currently making my life miserable (not to mention severely cutting in to my How I Met Your Mother watching time). There are so many amazing societies to join, incredible trips to go on, and fabulous things to do. So, in 2013, try and do something new. Like walk round a French town in the snow dressed as an elf.

I recommend joining if you’re thinking of going to Leicester or there already and you can ski, board, or drink hot chocolate on the side of a mountain whilst looking at views like this:


Picture taken by the magnificent Laura


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