Lemsip and other drugs

Possibly the most frustrating thing about uni is that when one person gets ill, everyone gets ill.

Okay, that’s probably not the most frustrating thing. That would be something like the first years taking up all the space in the library during revision season when their exams don’t count, the shops on campus always selling out of The Times by lunchtime on Friday, every Friday, or lectures where the projector won’t work so over a hundred engineers spend nearly and hour trying to fix it before a technician turns up and switches it on using a key in a locked cabinet.

But back to being ill…

It’s like one massive, oozing, fluey game of dominoes. You see the one person in your lecture reach for a tissue and you just know that tomorrow the whole course will be in the local pharmacy stocking up on Lemsip.

With that in mind, today’s post is some advice from someone who gets ill a lot on how to get better as quickly as possible. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss too many of those fascinating lectures spent trying to fix the projector!

  • Your mum was right – wrap up warm. It will make you feel so much better. I am currently sat here in a huge woolly jumper that looks like the whole cast of Shaun the Sheep was roped in to make it. It’s worth the laughs for the sheer warmth and loveliness.
  • Leave the heating on a bit longer. Heat will help and it’s worth the extra couple of quid on the bills!
  • Hot drinks are amazing, especially ones that aren’t 90% caffeine. You want to be able to nap when it all gets a bit much!
  • Napping helps. I’ve tried so many times to power through a bad cold because I had so much to do but it’s not worth it. Any work you do whilst exhausted will be a waste of time anyway – far better to spend a few hours in bed feeling sorry for yourself and then come at it refreshed later. Even if you feel like a toddler when you settle down for a sleep at 3pm.
  • Paracetamol and lots of water actually work. Who knew? There’re a couple pharmacies on Queens Road where you can stock up and ask advice of the lovely people behind the counter.
  • Eat loads of vegetables. I know all you want is a chocolate bar and a hug (give up on that one – no one is going to come anywhere near you until you’re very clearly not contagious!) but those greens have lots of vitamins in them and will make you feel much better than the huge bar of Galaxy you’re eyeing up.
  • Finally, one for the benefit of everyone else. Don’t put on a brave face and go to lectures anyway because you simply can’t miss them. You will only spend them in a foggy haze of misery and congestion. More importantly though, you will infect everyone else! Then you’ll go back to lectures and catch a new variant of the bug and it all just spirals in to a vicious cycle of single-handedly propping up the big pharmaceutical companies because you buy so much medication for your recurring illnesses.


I hope those tips help you out this winter. Everyone is a bit run down after exams so it’s prime time for getting ill but use a bit of common sense and hopefully you won’t stay ill for too long! Good luck…

And here’s a game to get really good at while you get better:

Garfield Game

I scored 102. Can you beat that?


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