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I’ve just finished exams and, apart from a couple of bits and bobs, I’m almost done with university.

Now that that summer is upon us I think it’s time to share some insight in to what students can get up to in Leicester when they don’t have any lectures to worry them. Here are a few ideas for things to do:

Monday: Start the week with a trip to the Space Centre. Don’t be afraid of the children’s section- it’s brilliant. The Planetarium is also well worth seeing.

Tuesday: The Old Horse has a great quiz night. It’s on at 9pm and the questions are fiendishly hard. They start off easy but then things escalate very quickly!

Wednesday:  Pop to the cinema in Freeman’s Park or wander in to town to see something indie and cool at the Phoenix. Either way, use Orange Wednesdays for cheaper tickets and finish up with some Nandos from next door to the Odeon or Granby Street on the way back from town.

Thursday: Take advantage of all that free time and go see some local towns. Nottingham has a castle and possibly the oldest pub in the country. Birmingham is really easy to get too as well and is much bigger than Leicester. Lincoln is also meant to be lovely. If you get bored come back for gaming at the Speekeasy.

Friday: Go in to town again for lunch at Kerala. Their Business lunch is cheap and delicious. Maybe nip in to the museum on New Walk on the way back. I don’t want to big it up too much but they have dinosaurs.

Saturday: Peruse some of the shops on Queens Road. The charity bookshops might have a book or two that you can use to stave off boredom in the long free summer. Conveniently the shops shut just in time for happy hour at Bar Dos. Tapas and cheaper cocktails all round!

Sunday: Picnics in Victoria park. Who could ever not want to sit around in the sun with tiny sandwiches and Pimms?

Once you’ve done all this you’ll need the rest of the summer to recover.

I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating the end of exams!

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