There is a brief but glorious moment in the aftermath of exams when your time is entirely your own. University no longer has any pull and your future career is still just that- the future. These short weeks are the time to celebrate the absolute freedom allowed by your age, your circumstances, and the expectations of society.

What will you do with that time?

I chose to say goodbye to my university experience by travelling. A few days after I finished, when there was nothing more I could do to influence my degree result, I left the UK for an adventure. I can’t recommend the experience enough.

If you’re trying to think of something to do this summer consider a truly adventurous holiday. You don’t need to just lie on a beach for a week- you could learn about another culture or language.

An experience I really enjoyed during university was the Study China programme and I’m really disappointed that I start work too early to be able to have a go at the other version- Study India. Both are incredible chances to learn huge amounts about up and coming countries and can include internships. They’re also subsidised by the government so represent amazing value for money. They’re only for students so you meet motivated, interesting people from loads of British universities. Most important of all though is that they can help you really grow as a person as you see how you fit in to the world.

It’s said that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Whether or not that’s true, I hope to keep travelling!

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