Graduation and Goodbyes

Graduation was today.

It was a day full of goodbyes and promises to stay in touch and plans for our journey in to adulthood.

It was also very stressful- my name was said wrong but I barely noticed because of being too scared I would fall over (heels and injured leg? Bad plan.) and embarrass myself.

With that in mind, here are a few quick graduation tips:

  • Pack everything the night before. This will probably be your tickets, confirmation email for robes, student card and water. Information about the ceremony is online and you’ll be emailed a link a few weeks before G-Day.
  • Consider staying the night in a hotel in Leicester. It should be a lot easier come morning. Just a heads up- I was out at 7am for a morning graduation and that’s travelling from the closer end of London. In this case pack your stuff before (obviously).
  • Don’t lose your degree certificate in the excitement. It’s a very expensive piece of paper, they don’t replace it, your transcripts won’t arrive for weeks after graduation and you need your certificate/transcript to get paid if your job requires a specific degree classification.
  • Meet up with your friends for a last goodbye and maybe a trip to the pub (or one of the free receptions in uni). This will be easier if you wear sensible shoes to walk the miles between the parking/ceremony/venue. Forewarn everyone too!
  • Take some safety pins. If you’re wearing a shirt you can hook your hood over the buttons but in a dress you will need these to hold it in place!
  • And a last one that might seem a bit odd- don’t wash your hair too soon before the ceremony. If your hair is slippery your mortarboard will be much harder to keep on. If you forget you can spray it with a bit of hairspray to give it more of a grip again.

With all that in mind, I hope you manage to enjoy your graduation days in the years to come! Here’s a picture of some happy grads posing for that classic photo to get you excited for yours…


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