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Hello everyone! Apologies for my absence in the past few weeks, but I have just returned from my holiday in Turkey, so was unable to post whilst there.
It was great to get away from the UK for a few weeks relaxing by a pool in the sun (although the weather has hardly been bad in the UK this summer) with literally nothing to do. That being said I did get up to a few things, for example I spent one of my days doing a scuba diving experience. It’s something I’ve never tried before but always wanted too, so when I saw it being advertised I jumped at the opportunity. As I have no diving qualifications I had to have help from an instructor setting up my gear, however once we were underwater I was pretty much free to explore, and I loved every minute of it! It’s defiantly something I will look at taking up on a regular basis.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Whilst I was away it was A-Level results day, and I’d just like to congratulate everyone on their results and say welcome to everyone coming to the University of Leicester! When I found out that I’d got into Leicester I was a mixture of excited and nervous about my impending move into student halls and away from home, though I have to say I was more excited than anything.
For first year I was in GMS, in Shirley house. Halls proved to be such a great experience, you meet so many new people and gain a sense of independence that you don’t get when living at home. My advice to all you new students is to make sure you talk to as many people as possible, you will eventually get bored of telling people where you stay and what course you do, but it’s a great conversation starter. Also be sure to attend the fresher’s fair and get involved with some of the great societies or sports teams that the university has to offer.
If you have any questions about student halls or anything else, feel free to ask

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Jamie has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m a third year Engineering student here at the University of Leicester. On top of my studies, I’m a keen ski/boarder with the ski club and also a member of men’s rugby union. I’ll be blogging about both my course and my experiences during my time here.

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2 responses to “Welcome to Leicester”

  1. Ludovica

    Hi Jamie,
    I’m an Italian student. I’m starting my last high school year in Italy on Wednesday (yuppii!!), then I would like to study medicine. What I hunger for is to become a med student in Leicester. Why am I so sure? Well last year I stayed there for three weeks with some schoolmates. It was a study trip and it actually was the best time of my life! I didn’t study with English guys as I attended an English course in the morning and visited the town or did different activities in the afternoon. I loved every sigle moment of that experience and I still miss Leicester like crazy. I appreciated the arrangement and the teachers too. You know, here in Italy schools are bad unless you pay a huge amount of money. That’s why it would be an amazing dream to study in a place like Leicester. But I’d like to know more about students’ life there, the courses, etc. I would be really thankful to you if you could give me some news and advices.

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