Coping With the Workload

With it now being week five of the term everybody is well and truly settled with the workload, I’m sure for everyone, starting to pile up, I know it is for me! With that in mind I thought that I would give you a few tips for surviving the workload.
There is a huge difference in the workload between college and university, so be sure to be prepared for that as you will be dropped in the deep end very early on with a lot of content being covered over short periods of time. Unless you want to spend your Christmas and Easter holidays writing up lecture notes and learning all the things covered, my advice is to keep up to date with them on a weekly basis; re read them and expand on them after lectures, as attending lectures alone is unlikely to be enough to learn the material to a high enough standard to obtain top marks.
In engineering you will only get one essay type assignment per term, which is a lab report based on one that you will do during that term. Ensure to make good notes in all your labs as you aren’t told which one you are writing a report on until later in the term, and writing a report on half hear-ted notes is not easy. Furthermore don’t leave it till the last day, you may find issues with calculations or anomalies in data that you need help with. If you are doing it the night before there will be little to no help available to you.
Finally, sleep. As a student you will soon learn to get used to a lack of sleep but around deadline times try not to go out as much and have an earlier night every now and again. It will not only make a difference to the quality of your work but will lower stress levels too.

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