End of the Holidays and New Years Resolutions

So Christmas has been and gone as has new years; Happy new year by the way! Now that we are in the second week of January, decorations have come down, and Christmas feels like a distant memory again. It’s always around this time of year that I’m always lost on what to do with myself. All my friends have either returned to their respective corners of the country for their new terms, or gone back to work. My Parents are back at work and my brothers back at school/college. This leaves me with little for company other than a few bar shifts this week and my revision for my (rapidly) upcoming exams. In fact the most interesting thing I will probably do this week is to try very hard to keep to a normal sleeping pattern (which isn’t going well…) so I’m ready for the new term and all the 9am starts that it brings with it.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, I have had a wonderful Christmas and new year, spent catching up with friends, family and seeing my girlfriend who was back from her Erasmus year in Munich for the holidays. This year I even had the task of cooking the Christmas dinner for my family on the 25th. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by my culinary skills that I have developed over my years at University. We of course played the standard few board games that are played at this time of year, monopoly (which I lost) and Cluedo (also lost).

A big topic at this time of year is New Year’s resolutions. Common ones include get fitter, see the world, give up smoking, spend less or do more work. Now I consider myself to be reasonably fit anyway as I participate in multiple sports for the university, plus I know what I’m like with going to the gym, I go for the Jacuzzi and steam room. The exercise bit will always come second, so there’s no point saying that I will ‘get fitter’ as chances are making that as a resolution won’t make a difference. I will either go or I won’t. Seeing more of the world I don’t really see as an resolution, and I will always travel anyway as it’s something I enjoy, I’m not going to do more of it this year than any other, so another pointless resolution for me. Give up smoking; well I don’t smoke so obviously I can’t do that. Then there’s the spend less resolution, I already spend the bare minimum so that I can save my money for holidays and trips etc so that one’s not for me either.

This left me with do more work. Which got me thinking, I could do more work during the term time in terms of learning lecture notes as I go along instead of leaving it till the end of the term giving me a lot to learn in one go (hypocritical I Know based on one of my previous blogs, but it isn’t easy keeping it up all the time). So there’s my new year’s resolution, to aim to look over my lecture notes that little bit more in an aim to help me around exam time. Let’s see how it goes. Do you have any resolutions?

Back to the revision for now though, I will apologize now if my blogging isn’t as regular over the next few weeks due to exams, but I will try my best to keep you updated!

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