Deadlines Galore

It’s hard to believe there are only three weeks left before we all break up for the Easter break, as with most subject I have a lot of deadlines coming up in the next few weeks that I am trying to stay on top of. Firstly, as I have previously blogged about there is the design project, the turbine has to be ready and working for the last week of term when we have to present it to some visiting design professors, but before that we have to write up a design report that asses where we are and everything that has gone wrong to date. Alongside that we have just been given our designated lab reports for the semester which is also due in the last week. Furthermore summer exams also have to be considered so that revision can be factored in to an already crammed work load. Essentially my point here is that you have to be on top of your work load, which is something I have written about before and you can read here:

Coping With the Workload

So far this term I have been able to stay afloat and not get drowned by all the work, simply by doing the work early and following my own advice and doing lecture notes as I go along. I really can’t stress enough the importance of this. In a subject like engineering there are a lot of contact hours with very little in the way of ‘homework’ set for you to do outside of all those contact hours. It’s vital to go through your notes and learn it in your own time, if you don’t you will quickly fall behind and when it gets to a key point in the year, where there are deadlines and rapidly approaching exams you will struggle.

It’s not all gloomy deadlines though, I have an aptitude assessment day this weekend with the RAF which I am both apprehensive and excited for, plus my girl friend is coming to visit from her year abroad next week. That coupled with the prospect of five weeks break from lectures and labs alike will get me through the next few weeks. For now though, back to the text books!

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