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So far this summer break I have spent most of my time working in my role as a marquee rigger, in order to raise some money for my final year of university. Last week I totalled around 70 hours that is one payslip that I’m defiantly looking forward to. Currently though we are having a quiet week at work before it picks up again in August for all the summer weddings and parties, so I’m enjoying a midweek day off. I have spent most of it bored and lost on what to do with my time as a lot of my friends from home never went to university hence are all in full time employment, leaving me with nothing much to do on weekdays If I am not working.

Rather than waste my time, I thought now would be a great time to start giving more thought to what I want to do after university career wise. By looking around at career paths that interest me and seeing what I can do to make myself more employable to those employers, it will take some of the stress of final year away, leaving me to be able to focus primarily on my exams.

Some would argue that looking now that I am about to start final year is a bit late, but I feel that most people change their minds a lot over the duration of a three or four year course, so what you want to do at the start may be completely different to what you want from a career by the time you finish. So if you don’t have any ideas, like me, then I wouldn’t worry about it over the three years that may well change.

I think the best solution to this, which is something I never did and may well go on to regret, is to look around for summer placements and internships. These offer great opportunities to experience what life would be like working for that company without having to worry about a permanent job, giving a valuable insight into whether it is something that you would want to do. A lot of them will even pay you for your time and if you are good enough you may get offered a graduate position too.

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Jamie has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m a third year Engineering student here at the University of Leicester. On top of my studies, I’m a keen ski/boarder with the ski club and also a member of men’s rugby union. I’ll be blogging about both my course and my experiences during my time here.

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