How to Survive Fresher’s

So with just over a week till everyone will be arriving in Leicester for the start of fresher’s I thought now would be a great time to give a few tips on surviving fresher’s fortnight based on my own experience three years ago.

  1. Get to know the university campus, obviously fresher’s is about meeting new people and having fun, but it’s also useful to get to know where everything is before things really start to kick in work wise. Knowing things like where lecture theatres are can be a lifeline at 9am in the morning after a night out…
  2. Take some multi-vitamins, you will have plenty of late nights whether you drink or not and it’s very easy to get run down with a lack of sleep. Fresher’s Flu is a real thing so give yourself a fighting chance and boost your immune system with some vitamins.
  3. This point links to the last one, ensure you eat well, just because you now have to cook for yourself, it’s not excuse to just eat a cold tin of beans. You will get ill and ruin fresher’s. Making a simple pasta dish with a few vegetables takes no effort at all. Make it a social event and cook (or go to the canteen if you are catered) with your new housemates.

There are a few tips for now, I’ll continue with a few more next week before fresher’s fortnight begins and with it your new life as a university student!

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Jamie has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m a third year Engineering student here at the University of Leicester. On top of my studies, I’m a keen ski/boarder with the ski club and also a member of men’s rugby union. I’ll be blogging about both my course and my experiences during my time here.

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