Surviving Fresher’s Part 2

So here, as promised, is the continuation of my guide on how to get through fresher’s:

4. When it comes to moving into your new student halls, whichever they may be, leave your door open whilst you unpack and sort out your room. It will give an opportunity for you to say hello and introduce yourself to any of your new neighbours that may be passing by. What’ more, don’t just sit in your room waiting for dinner time, have a wonder and meet your neighbours. Remember you are all in the same situation.

5. Budget. Fresher’s can be an expensive few weeks, so make sure you don’t blow your whole student loan on your first night out. Remember you still have to eat and live for the rest of the semester till the next instalment.

6. Don’t burn yourself out, there are events every night of fresher’s fortnight and it’s not the end of the world if you miss some. Having fewer decent nights is far more enjoyable than having loads of average ones and ending up in bed with fresher’s flu. If you don’t want to go out that’s fine too, there are plenty of things you can do in the day.

7. Bring some cash with you as this way you will avoid all the massive queues during fresher’s fair at the cash points.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy it, embrace the opportunities that the University of Leicester has to offer and you will have the best three years of your life. See you all next week!

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