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I have been pretty busy in the past few weeks researching and contacting people with regards to my final year project. You may remember that in my blog a few weeks ago I mentioned choosing between two project titles, well I have now decided upon one and made a start on making a dent into the reading that I need to do for it. The title I decided on was ‘The optimization of the University of Leicester heat supply system’.

My project will focus around the central heating system that is currently installed in Nixon Court student halls. Nixon court currently has a district heating system installed which is relatively new. In short this means that the buildings do not have their own boilers, instead all the heat is produced in a separate building then transported via insulated pipes to radiators etc. It is my task to perform an optimisation on the system and see if it is running in the most efficient way for both cost and carbon emissions.

District heating systems are something that are becoming increasingly popular as the cut costs and improve efficiency of existing plants. This is due to using the heat produced in electricity generation to heat water, instead of just letting it go to waste. Leicester has recently joined in the scheme and has already had 7Km of insulated pipes installed that supply any civic buildings across the city.

So far all I have had to do is read a whole load of reports and write a literature review on them, but I will soon start studying the actual system itself to gain an understanding of it. I will keep you all informed on the progression of my project throughout the year.

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