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Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy New Year, welcome to 2015! It’s weird to think that this time next year I will have finished University and will hopefully be in full time employment. Now that both Christmas and we have welcomed in the New Year things for me have settled back down to normal.

It’s exactly a week until my first exam so whilst I have made sure to enjoy my break and taken some time off to relax, I have still ultimately been hard at work revising for my five exams. What’s more my interim report is due on the 26th of January. With that in mind now seems like the perfect opportunity to give you a quick update on my project progress. So far I have managed to make multiple visits to the Nixon court site to see the CHP and understand how it works. I’ve also started to look through the data available to me, in order to answer the problem at hand I need to establish as to whether or not the data is actually available, hence the best way to achieve that is to study what I have and then work out what I need.

The interim report is what we have to produce at what is essentially the half way point through the year. It’s basically a 2000 word summary that should contain a description of everything you have done so far in your project, a literature review and what your next steps will be to continue your work.

For now it’s back to revision though, I’ll write again next week once I will have completed four of my five exams!

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Jamie has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m a third year Engineering student here at the University of Leicester. On top of my studies, I’m a keen ski/boarder with the ski club and also a member of men’s rugby union. I’ll be blogging about both my course and my experiences during my time here.

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