Year In Industry Success!!

  On Friday I had my first- and I’m delighted to say last- Year in Industry job interview. It was at a company called Handling Concepts and it finds ‘bespoke solutions to handling problems’. In English they design and build machines to move ‘things’, ‘things’ that are too heavy or awkward for humans to move. My best friend from school’s mum works at Handling Concepts and got some work experience a couple of years ago so although they usually only take people from Bath University, I thought it was worth a shot applying and they did consider me and give me an interview. The interview consisted of a technical part which was downstairs in the workshop didn’t go all too brilliantly and the main section in the traditional set up in an office which seemed to go quite well. The interviewers were really friendly and once it got going I could really relax. You have to remember, they’re not trying to catch you out; they want to see the real you. They said they’d be in contact sometime next week to let me know either way but actually, they rang me that afternoon and said they would like to offer me the job!   I feel like it’s going to be a great place for me to work because it’s so close meaning I’ll save on travelling and accommodation costs. Because it’s so small it has a really friendly atmosphere and they said on Friday you can go to anyone for help and they’ll be happy and from what I saw, I believe them. Also they work with some really big companies so I should still get the benefit of working with the large well known firms with all the advantages working for a small business. Also, looking at the work that the last year’s intern did, it will be working on big projects and because they’re all bespoke, it’ll be working from scratch, solving a problem which I think will be much more satisfying and interesting way of working.   Without wanting to be patronising, having only just got the placement, I just want to share a couple of thoughts for anyone looking for a year in industry this or next year: If you’re doing interview prep, remember you can’t change the amount of work experience that you’ve done, you can’t really change your engineering knowledge but you can do a few practice interview questions which really helped me. But more important than anything else- be yourself! They can teach you much of what you need to know on the job but they do need to know you’re genuine and that they could get along with you. My friend’s mum who works there told me afterwards that they said they like the fact that I could laugh at myself which is interesting. They aren’t looking for perfection! And one other thing, if you’re applying for a year in industry next year, start earlier- much earlier- than I did. Start looking over this summer. And anyone else who’s in second year needing one, they’re still out there particularly the smaller companies so don’t give up!!   So my new boss will be calling me next week to discuss when to start. My boss… I’m a working man! Scary stuff! I hope the holidays and revision is going well and good luck with your Year in Industry applications if you’re applying. Feel free to comment below if there is any help or advice that I might be able to give.  


Talking about projects such as my treehouse (above) and taking a portfolio of CAD models  (right) helped secure the placement


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