Industrial placement experience at Rolls Royce part 1 of 3

In between my second and final year, I experienced a year in industry. I worked in Control – Software Engineering at Rolls Royce. I was part of the software design team for the Corporate, Small and Medium sized Engines (CSME). I worked on various software related work for the aircraft’s engine control system. I was also involved with the Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing software and learned more about the aircraft’s engine control system and safety critical software. I really enjoyed this experience and I found it very interesting as it’s very much related to my course.

The experience has been phenomenal as I always wanted to do it and having this opportunity to experience that, is really satisfying. I have enjoyed every bits and piece of the work I got involve with. To be able to get involved with the development process of safety-critical software for the aircraft’s Engine Electronics Controller (EEC) has been a great experience. I really enjoyed this opportunity to see how the theory knowledge learned at University is actually been used in real-world practical projects.

When I started, everything was quite new so I adapted to that situation, it was more like interacting with people and finding out more about the team and the project work. I gradually started settling in and adapting to the new situation and soon started enjoying this experience.

I got the opportunity to learn new things. I worked with different programming languages such as Ada95 and SPARK (SPADE Ada Kernel). SPARK is a programming language used for high integrity software development in aviation, rail, space applications etc. I was part of a very experienced and helpful team of engineers. I always got help from my colleagues whenever I needed and supported me to learn new things. This opportunity to be part of such an experienced team, and to experience the real-life project work was invaluable.

Finally, support from my Department of Engineering and the Career Development Service was fundamental in securing my placement with Rolls Royce. I am really grateful to the University of Leicester for all the brilliant supports it provides to the students. I am really fortunate to have some remarkable lecturers at my department, who supports and dedicate their time to help the students to succeed.

Please see my next blog post to hear more about my placement experience and for any questions please comment below.

Rolls Royce Aircraft Engine 1


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Hi I am Oishi, a Software and Electronics Engineering student back at the University for my final year following a wonderful placement year at Rolls Royce. I will be blogging about everything from my industrial placement experience, final year studies to what I get up to in my free time. Stay tuned to read about all the great experiences I am going to share about the University and hope to give you an insight into the life of a student at the University of Leicester till I graduate.

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