Industrial placement experience at Rolls Royce part 3 of 3

As time files, my end of placement was coming closer. I started wrapping up all the work I was doing, finalizing my placement report and getting ready for my final placement review with my manager. It went well and I had a great time during the last 12 months. On the last day of my placement, my manager and the whole team gathered around my desk and gave a farewell speech, handed me a very kind card with full of best wishes for my final year. It was a great experience to get to know all these people and I am really grateful for all the helps I received during my entire placement. I will always cherish this experience that I had at Rolls Royce.

Sadly, it was the time to say goodbye…..


With the team and the Farewell card.


Application Process for roles at Rolls Royce:

There would be many of you who would like to apply to Rolls Royce and perhaps wants to know more about the application process.  So, I would love to share my application process experience. I applied through the Rolls Royce website by completing the online application. Once my online application was accepted, I was invited to complete a series of online psychometric tests, these are mainly numerical, verbal and logical analysis questions. Once I passed that I was invited to the Assessment Centre. The Assessment Centre was a whole day session which started with the numerical test (something similar to the online tests), presentation, competency based interview, team challenge and finally the technical interview. The assessment centre went well and I really enjoyed the process.


Some tips:

  1. Research the company well, make sure you know their customers, competitors and any recent news about the company.
  2. Practice beforehand and attend mock interviews and mock assessment centres before your actual assessment day.
  3. Make sure to show your passion for the role and the company.

Some good website for practicing psychometric tests:

  1. SHL:
  2. Assessment Day:
  3. Practice Aptitude Tests :

Some good website to look for placement/internship opportunities:

  1. Gradcracker:
  2. TargetJobs:
  3. YINI:

If you have any questions regarding internship/placement please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to help.

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2 responses to “Industrial placement experience at Rolls Royce part 3 of 3”

  1. Myles


    Just received a notification saying I have passed the online assessment and was wondering how long it took for them to invite you to an assessment centre?

    Also is there anything in your online application that you think helped you stand out? Especially with how you answered the “why Rolls Royce and what skills/ previous work experience do you think will help you in your desired role?”

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