I know what you thinking, cos I’ve probably heard the same things you have about the Navy.



Well I’m only here to reassure you they’re all true

Come on! the travel, a steady income and a versatile nature of work that boasts excitement in comparison to the expected monotony of most industrial engineering jobs.

Plus, it’s great fitness!


On a more serious note, Naval engineering really is something worth considering.

Whether going through the apprenticeship route, the various scholarship programmes available, or just simply applying after your degree. The ever reliable Navy caters to all, even in fields outside engineering.

Whats that got to do with Leicester Uni you ask?

Well, another way of getting in I haven’t mentioned yet is applying for a course based placement which I am currently mulling over indecisively.

Yes I’m trying to convince you to get into something I’m not yet certain I’d like to do. But, looking at it from my perspective, its a possibility.

One amongst the numerous things I could do with and alongside my engineering degree.

They say Uni is where you finally decide your career path, but I’m going into my second year now and I’m hoping it comes to me in a dream.

Don’t let my confusion as a result of a procrastinating nature (Laziness) discourage you. This really is something worth looking at.

I can’t tell you more because there’s still a lot of research on the topic I need to eventually get round to.

Here is a good enough place for you and I to start ( or simply google Naval Engineering).

Bye guys!


P.S.: I hope you got my Villagers reference (second image down). If not, I’m either too old or just wasted on you.




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