Places to Visit

Outside of the University side of life, Leicester has a lot to offer in a way of things to do. So I thought I’d put a quick guide together giving you a few ideas for weekend entertainment, or places to take visiting friends: Within walk-able distance just outside the city center, well in my opinion […]

Lets Go Tigers!

One of the best things about living in Leicester has to be the two huge sports teams that it is home too. The Leicester Tigers and also the newly promoted Leicester City football, both of which have weekend matches on a regular basis that are played locally. The Leicester Tigers play at Welford road, which […]

Freshers Fair

The fresher’s fair takes place every year at the University of Leicester and it is the best way to see all of what your new life at university can offer. It’s normally put on over the first two days of term and it is definitely not one to miss. The fair has representatives from all […]

Summer is Coming

Hello! I’ve just finished exams and, apart from a couple of bits and bobs, I’m almost done with university. Now that that summer is upon us I think it’s time to share some insight in to what students can get up to in Leicester when they don’t have any lectures to worry them. Here are […]

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