Christmas Ski Trip

Every year the University Ski and Snowboard club (LUSSC) organises a Christmas and Easter ski trip. This year I’ve decided to go on the Christmas trip to Val Thorens. These trips are always a great opportunity to take whilst you are at Leicester due to the discounted rates that you get due to travelling with […]

End of the Holidays and New Years Resolutions

So Christmas has been and gone as has new years; Happy new year by the way! Now that we are in the second week of January, decorations have come down, and Christmas feels like a distant memory again. It’s always around this time of year that I’m always lost on what to do with myself. […]

Olympic stadium


Last weekend I flew to Munich to visit my girlfriend, who is out there studying as a part of the Erasmus scheme. Munich is a stunning city and I got to see many of the sights it had to offer. One of the places that we visited was the city centre in Munich, Marienplatz, where […]

Edinburgh castle

End of the Summer

One thing you will get used to being a Student is the long summers and, this one is now drawing to a close. Some people complain about how bored they get during the long holiday but  this year i have been kept so busy with work, holidays and other things, that it feels like just […]

Scuba diving

Welcome to Leicester

Hello everyone! Apologies for my absence in the past few weeks, but I have just returned from my holiday in Turkey, so was unable to post whilst there. It was great to get away from the UK for a few weeks relaxing by a pool in the sun (although the weather has hardly been bad […]


There is a brief but glorious moment in the aftermath of exams when your time is entirely your own. University no longer has any pull and your future career is still just that- the future. These short weeks are the time to celebrate the absolute freedom allowed by your age, your circumstances, and the expectations […]

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