Places to Visit

Outside of the University side of life, Leicester has a lot to offer in a way of things to do. So I thought I’d put a quick guide together giving you a few ideas for weekend entertainment, or places to take visiting friends: Within walk-able distance just outside the city center, well in my opinion […]

Lets Do Leicester!

Lets Do Leicester!

It’s the start of a new term, exams are all finished and my interim report is completed and submitted, so I can finally have a little breather. I’m happy with how all my exams went and I don’t feel I could have done much more than I did, so hopefully that will show when I […]

Christmas Ski Trip

Every year the University Ski and Snowboard club (LUSSC) organises a Christmas and Easter ski trip. This year I’ve decided to go on the Christmas trip to Val Thorens. These trips are always a great opportunity to take whilst you are at Leicester due to the discounted rates that you get due to travelling with […]

Lets Go Tigers!

One of the best things about living in Leicester has to be the two huge sports teams that it is home too. The Leicester Tigers and also the newly promoted Leicester City football, both of which have weekend matches on a regular basis that are played locally. The Leicester Tigers play at Welford road, which […]

Freshers Fair

The fresher’s fair takes place every year at the University of Leicester and it is the best way to see all of what your new life at university can offer. It’s normally put on over the first two days of term and it is definitely not one to miss. The fair has representatives from all […]

Summers Here!

So that’s it, I have completed second year, all of my exams are complete and work is handed in, meaning its finally time to sit back and relax a bit before my third and final year starts. It’s a great feeling knowing that I have no deadlines approaching or exams coming up for the next […]

Easter so Far – Free Food

Easter so Far – Free Food

So that’s the first week of the Easter holidays over, so far I haven’t been up to much other than seeing friends and trying to get into the swing of revision for my up and coming summer exams, and its safe to say that I am well and truly bored of it already. Earlier in […]

End of the Holidays and New Years Resolutions

So Christmas has been and gone as has new years; Happy new year by the way! Now that we are in the second week of January, decorations have come down, and Christmas feels like a distant memory again. It’s always around this time of year that I’m always lost on what to do with myself. […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Having taken a subject like Engineering I have resigned myself to the fact that throughout my University career I will never get a revision free Christmas, what with January exams year in year out. This year I have four exams, one of which is the final exam for the module, so kind of important. With […]

Olympic stadium


Last weekend I flew to Munich to visit my girlfriend, who is out there studying as a part of the Erasmus scheme. Munich is a stunning city and I got to see many of the sights it had to offer. One of the places that we visited was the city centre in Munich, Marienplatz, where […]

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