I know what you thinking, cos I’ve probably heard the same things you have about the Navy.     Well I’m only here to reassure you they’re all true Come on! the travel, a steady income and a versatile nature of work that boasts excitement in comparison to the expected monotony […]

Applying for Student Finance

As I’m sure you all know going to university can be a very expensive time, which can be quite daunting. Thankfully student finance are on hand to make it a little easier, offering a range of different grants and loans to assist, so I thought I would write a post explaining a little about it […]

Spotify Research

First week back is now complete for most people, and whilst this time last year I was enjoying a lull after exams where there wasn’t much work, this year is a complete contrast. I have already had lab sessions, been told about work for summer exams, the design project, that I spoke about previously , […]

Budgeting Part 2

Firstly apologies for my lack of post over the past week, the end of term brought with it a load of deadlines which took up all my free time. In my last post I was discussing how to budget as a student, so as promised, here is part two. 5. Be realistic When working out […]

Budgeting Part 1

With only two weeks to go till the Christmas holidays and the end of the first term of this year I’m sat here wondering, where has the time gone? Something else that also seems to have disappeared quickly is my student loan and the money that I earned over the summer months. Budgeting as a […]

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