How to Survive Fresher’s

So with just over a week till everyone will be arriving in Leicester for the start of fresher’s I thought now would be a great time to give a few tips on surviving fresher’s fortnight based on my own experience three years ago. Get to know the university campus, obviously fresher’s is about meeting new […]

Good Luck!

With results day just around the corner now, I would just like to wish all prospective University of Leicester students the best of luck with your results! I remember my results day (despite it being three years ago now). It’s both a nerve racking and exciting day, finally finding out after all the hard work […]

Looking to the Future

So far this summer break I have spent most of my time working in my role as a marquee rigger, in order to raise some money for my final year of university. Last week I totalled around 70 hours that is one payslip that I’m defiantly looking forward to. Currently though we are having a […]

Results and Moving onto Final Year

So, just this week I received my results for the year and I’m happy to say that I passed all my modules and finished the year with a great mark. So all those hours slaving away over text books, making notes and doing past papers were well spent. It’s a relief knowing them as it […]

Another Year Complete

So there it is, another year at Leicester is complete and I have to say it has absolutely flown by again. I have fully moved out of my Leicester address and said goodbye to my housemates for now. The last week of term was definitely one of the best though, what with plenty of sport […]

Half Way Point

It’s been a busy week for me with two of my four exams having taken place over the past week. This does however mean that I am at the half way point. What with my next one not being till next Thursday, today is going to be a bit more of a chilled revision day […]

What Kind of Learner are You?

So exam season is fast approaching, not just for university students but also GCSE and A-Level students too. Instead of actually revising as I probably should have been, I decided to do a bit of research into revision techniques which I’m going to share with you now. So here are my top three favourite revision […]

Revision, Work and a Trip to Prague

Revision, Work and a Trip to Prague

Apologies for my lack of posts recently, I have had such a busy few weeks I just simply haven’t had the time. Most of my time has been dedicated to revising for my fast approaching exams, the first being on the 20th of May- only three weeks away! Time seems to go slow but so […]

Wind Turbine… Or not

Wind Turbine… Or not

So, finally, the end of term! And all my deadlines are complete, meaning to some extent, (ignoring revision), I now have five weeks off to relax a little before next term and the exams that come with it. This week saw the end of our design module that I have mentioned in previous blogs, so […]

What to do in Leicester

When I came on my open day three years ago now (I have to say, it doesn’t feel like that long ago) I never had the opportunity to look around the city due to the long travel times and the fact that my open day had a full schedule with the department. So I thought […]

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