A University Christmas: It’s a Wonderful Life

So it’s Christmas, is it? I almost didn’t notice. Except I did, and I think it’s just great. Lots of people find the way it gets dark so early at this time of the year depressing; not me, it’s just a constant reminder that we’re getting closer to Christmas Day. Besides, it’s never really dark at the university, is it? The sky’s got that red glow. Yeah, probably ought to get that looked into.

Last year, we’d already had snow by now. This year we’re playing the waiting game. I sat in the library for much of Sunday, finishing my essay on Death in Renaissance Literature, cutting out the 600 words I’d gone over the word limit with, watching the rain outside those windows. Bulbous droplets streaking down the glass. But the joke’s on you, rain, because you’re going to have to freeze sooner or later. I expect Welford Road Cemetery will look beautiful in the snow. Slippery too. A deadly combination.

Morrisons are discounting all kinds of chocolate because they know we’re weak. Touché, Morrisons: you’re on my route home when I come back from the library. Christmas shopping is easy. So many brands and stalls and dusky boutiques in Leicester, they’ve very helpful for the kind of precision present-buying I require. I even managed to pick up a sneaky volume of Shaman King on the side. And the other night I played Resident Evil 2 at midnight with a box of Roses just because I could. As if it couldn’t get any better, Film Society is showing the ultimate seasonal film in their final week: Die Hard.

Ayuh, Christmas is pretty sweet. Materialistic? More like Materialtastic.

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Richard graduated in the Summer of 2014. Richard was writing about the final year of his English degree, having just returned from an Erasmus year in Turin.

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