A New Term: Great Expectations

Exams are finished now, which means it’s currently the brief dead zone before term gets underway. It’s time to close the book on Chaucer, Renaissance Literature and Old English (if it’s possible to ever truly close the book on Old English) and start the new volume that is Medieval Literature, Literature 1660-1798, and Critical Theory. So I’ve procured the most bedraggled — and therefore cheapest — copies of the textbooks from Willingales, the university’s used book store. And I’m also piecing together my timetable as new information becomes available on the Blackboard VLE. A lecture here, a seminar there. Day by day the puzzle becomes clearer. And with any luck I’ll —

A 9am start?!

ARGHHHHH. NOOOOOOO. Why do bad things happen to good people? Etc.

Eh, I suppose I’ll manage. Used to do it all the time for school after all. The start of a new semester is a time of hopes and dreams. The best work might not be done at such an early point, but certainly the best-intentioned work is. Plenty of extra reading, library study, and seminar preparation. Word on the street is these modules are pretty hard, so Old English might have lose its throne as the module that gives the strongest sense of “You are at university. Man up”-ness. It’s a good idea to read up at least the general introductions of the text books before the start of time, rather than going in blind. I read all my books for the first semester over the summer holiday, but for this one I have no such luxury.

This term promises to be an interesting one. It’ll be my last term of learning at Leicester before setting sail for Turin (probably not by boat) and the Erasmus year abroad preparations will soon begin. Film Society will return in style. The chill of winter will start to give way. My submissions to Tingo will increase in volume. I will watch all the classic James Bond movies. Come on in, 2012. We’ve been expecting you.


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Richard graduated in the Summer of 2014. Richard was writing about the final year of his English degree, having just returned from an Erasmus year in Turin.

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2 responses to “A New Term: Great Expectations”

  1. Harriet

    Nooooooooooooo 9am starts!

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