Film Society: Some Like It Hot

I could do the logical thing now and talk about the one module this semester that we’ve not covered yet but that’s just what they’ll be expecting. Instead I’ll take a break from our usual programming and talk about Film Society, of which I am in fact Public Affairs Officer. But that has nothing to do with this blatant advertisement un-biased description. Film Society is of course where all the better sorts in society hang out and enjoy the finer things in life.

At the start of every semester, but at its largest in the autumn term, the university holds a ‘Freshers’ Fair’ (ugly word, ‘fresher’, I don’t like it) in which all the societies set up tables and compete for the attention and email addresses of the curious students. There are stalls for karate, mountain climbing, ruby, games — but let me tell y’all why film society is the best. This year at least, the setup is simple: watch a film in the Attenborough Building’s classy film theatre, then go to a nearby bar for an equally classy discussion of that film, and indeed all classy conversation topics. The very democratic voting system set up on our Facebook page lets our membership choose from a hand-picked selection of the best films in our chosen topic, from Pixar to Hitchcock and back. We also organise events like the famous film costume bar crawl, and this year we also hope to make it to some of the choicier film institutions in Leicester.

Now I think Film Society is the best, but if you’re, say, not into films (and therefore also presumably have a third elbow or horns instead of ears or something) then there is still an overwhelming amount of societies functioning at university. And the more popular and active the society, the more funding it gets from the Students’ Union. Societies are serious business. For a great number of students they’re a huge part of university life, and many people choose to run to become staff members out of love for the ideals of their particular interest.

Some societies are just better than others though, which is why join Film Society you need to make a measured decision about join Film Society what you’re likely to keep up and what societies might just fall by the wayside even if you paid the entry fee and signed up your email. I’ll tell you what doesn’t require a measured decision though: watching good films.

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